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Where world leading sport biomechanics, elite coaching expertise and artificial intelligence combine

DINETICQ originates from within leading sports institution; Loughborough University and combines internationally recognised sport focused biomechanics, expert coaching and state of the art artificial intelligence to create interactive coaching feedback products.


Dineticq are currently developing PaceFlow. Focused on cricket bowling, the software is specifically designed to provide individualised, objective feedback on bowling technique and legality feedback using just a mobile phone.



Dineticq draws on 20 years of research at Loughborough University investigating optimal movement in cricket, gymnastics, athletics, racket sports, weightlifting, and para-sports, assisted by partnerships with national governing bodies (NGBs) such as England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB), British Athletics, British Weightlifting and others.

Designed to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process biomechanical data and provide coaches and athletes with instant, individualised feedback. This will allows players to optimise their performance and minimise their injury risk.


Dineticq aims to take the analysis out of the laboratory and onto the track or pitch, allowing coaches to incorporate biomechanics into every training session in a cost-effective and instantaneous manner.

Image by Alessandro Bogliari


Loughborough University's Cricket Centre is home to the National Cricket Performance Centre for the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). 

Our research and technology has positively contributed to the ECB creating the world's highest and second-highest fast bowling wicket-takers (James Anderson and Stuart Broad MBE). In addition, our biomechanical analysis helped them deliver a 15% improvement in bowling speed (performance parameter) and identified the variables that account for 90% of lumbar spine injuries in fast bowling. Consequently, there were 0 injuries among ECB fast bowlers in 2020. LU's and ECB's research collaboration has resulted in international recognition and awards.

Outside of our relationship with the ECB, Dineticq also offers ICC recognised analysis and reporting for legality.



Mickey Clarke

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Stefan Ljutzkanov

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Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer


Dr. Peter Keen CBE

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Sports Advisor


Prof.  Mark King

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Co-Founder & Chief Science Offier


Emma Fletcher

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Chief Marketing Officer


Annie Godara

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Co-Founder & Chief Technical Officer

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Ola Baajour

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UX & Digital Marketing

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