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Consulting Services

Our 20+ years of experience working with England & Wales Cricket Board and Cricket West Indies has enabled us to offer a fast track approach to delivering enhanced performance and training across a nation.

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Inspiring Cricket Development Worldwide


Our comprehensive consulting services harness the power of emerging technologies like AI and biomechanics to revolutionize coaching and enhance cricketing skills nationwide.


We cater to various stages of talent development, providing solutions that cater to aspiring athletes and professional players alike. Whether through in-person sessions, in-country programs, or a hybrid model combining both approaches, our projects are tailored to meet the specific needs of individuals and organizations within the cricketing community.


✓ Assessment of Existing Equipment & Reporting

✓ Recommendations on Existing Equipment

✓ Minimum Requirements for a Functional Biomechanics Laboratory

✓ Training of Lab Technicians

Science-led Coach Education

✓ Training of Lab Technicians and Coach Education

✓ Science-Led Coach Education 

✓ Science  in cricket

✓ Train the trainer: Biomechanics and AI

Capability Enhancement

✓ Future fast bowling talent development

✓ Socho Cricket - Smart Thinking Hard Hitting cricketers


✓ Athlete injury prevention

✓ Sidearm technology

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