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Accessible Cricket Analysis for All

With our Paceflow app, you can access world class coaching in just a few clicks!


Get in depth feedback on legality, injury risks, and technique.


Upload your video to your Dineticq App. 


Simply record a video of your movement following a simple guide provided.

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Explore Our Services 

Our pricing plan is coming soon, meanwhile please contact us for further info, pricing and team discounts!

Legality Feedback

Reports designed to assist cricket players and teams in navigating the complex realm of bowling actions within the bounds of the law. Our service offers a wide range of reporting options, catering to both qualitative analysis and, when needed, legally defensible reports that can be utilized in court.

Pace Potential

Our product analyzes important factors during critical moments of bowling, providing an overall performance score and assessing individual positions. It employs color-coded indicators to highlight areas that need improvement, allowing users to identify and enhance their technique.

Injury Risk

Designed to improve player performance, our service analyzes key shapes during back foot and front foot contact to identify high-risk elements in a bowler's technique. It helps pinpoint areas of concern, empowering players to enhance their skills effectively.

Overall Bowling Profile

The overall bowling profile score is divided into three phases: the run-up (start of run-up to final right foot contact), final right foot contact (FR) to front foot contact (FFC), and front foot contact (FFC) to follow through (FT). Each phase is assessed and assigned a score based on factors directly related to performance.

Bowling Action Report

Our Bowling Action Report is the ultimate all-in-one solution for bowlers. It combines advanced biomechanical analysis, identification of high-risk elements, evaluation of key shapes during critical moments, and comprehensive scoring for each phase of the bowling action. This holistic approach provides bowlers with a complete assessment of their technique, enabling them to understand their strengths and areas for improvement in a single, comprehensive report.

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